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Supply Chain Optimization


The Supply Chain group consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience across a wide range of industries. Although our major clients are in the oil and gas industry, our team has a diverse background covering utilities, retail, technology, manufacturing, health care, and other industries. By focusing on the oil and gas industry we are able to help implement best practices from a broad spectrum of industries and as well, bring best practices from the rapidly changing and innovative oil and gas space to our clients in manufacturing, utilities and other areas.

Tagos’ most immediate clients include: Chevron, BP, Occidental Petroleum, Berry Petroleum, and Cummins Engine. We are continuously engaged by our clients both internationally and domestically in the following geographical regions: Gulf of Mexico, California, Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, Brazil, Mexico, Angola, and Nigeria.

Strategy and Planning Transformation
Materials and Inventory Management
Logistics and Transportation Management
Strategic Sourcing Methodology
Project Management and Professional Services
CASE STUDY: Our team has extensive experience in providing solutions to businesses and has managed challenges for customers in many industries. We would like to share with you some of our successes in order to illustrate the broad extent of our capabilities and demonstrate our committed to improving organizations.
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Strategy and Planning Transformation

We understand that effective programs can only be implemented if the company has developed and refined its operational strategy and has a program to ensure that the organization is adequately prepared for and structured to support efficient and effective transformation.

We have experience supporting organizations in the following areas:

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Materials and Inventory Management

The members of our materials and inventory management consulting and professional services team have decades of experience in operations as well as consulting. We offer a broad range of services in the following areas:

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Logistics and Transportation Management

In today’s global economy, rising energy prices dictate that companies focus on all components of cost with respect to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Logistics and transportation costs can be a significant component of many TCOs and represent an area in which effective management can deliver immediate and sustainable value. We integrate technologies that optimize work efforts, including WMS, RFID, and TMS. We also provide order and payment management and services ranging from sourcing and procurement to network optimization and operational management. Our highly qualified professionals are able to address all issues related to warehousing, distribution, material logistics, order fulfillment, and transportation across the majority of industries.

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Strategic Sourcing

We offer customers a broad knowledge of strategic sourcing in direct, indirect, capital, construction, and maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) product and service categories.

Following comprehensive assessments of your expenditures and contracts, our sourcing professionals dive deep into your data, searching for opportunities to create savings and rethinking supplier relationships. Their knowledge of product and service requirements, along with supplier and industry economics, allows them to develop optimal sourcing strategies.

Strategic Sourcing Review
A detailed review of contracts and expenditures will lead to a review of your strategic sourcing practices. Our professionals will identify:

Procurement Process Analysis
Our analysis will also address the key elements of ordering and payment processing with an emphasis on process and systems review, supplier and commodity management, inventory and distribution management, organizational structure, job scope, and functions.

Our sourcing professionals utilize current best practices and processes to quickly create noticeable improvement in our customers’ operations and to deliver significant positive financial benefits.

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Project Management and Professional Services

Project management resources are often stretched in many organizations. From the inception of a project through its completion and post-project assessment, we deliver a disciplined and integrated approach to managing efforts at operational improvement using a standard but flexible PM methodology. Our professionals understand that projects require complex organizational interaction, and they are adept facilitators of cross-functional engagements. During both the creation and implementation of a project, the Project Management Offices (PMOs) augment your staff with dedicated project managers who can support your company’s needs. We are able to integrate, coordinate, and achieve consensus across all levels of an organization, including direct and indirect project teams and steering committees.

We provide professionals to augment your staff on both a short-term and long-term basis in the following areas: