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Tagos offers specialty products focused on new and innovative solutions that bring a high degree of added value to our customers. Businesses are looking for ways to use cutting edge technology to improve their operational performance and reduce costs. In addition, many businesses find it increasingly critical to identify solutions that sustain and improve the longevity of existing assets in order to reduce operating costs. Tagos’ products are developed to eliminate the problem versus conceding to the issue.

Atmospheric Water Systems
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Atmospheric Water Systems

The Water Crisis Is Real To So Many But Preventable For Most

Water stress and severe water shortages are preventable through technology that exists today and technology that is readily available for installation across the globe.

Tagos’ Atmospheric Water System technology, manufactured by AWS, is a remarkably simple, yet highly effective way to resolve many water issues around the world. The AWS technology creates purified drinking water out of the abundant supply of moisture in the atmosphere. It uses the most current water purification technology available to ensure dependable production of the world’s purest drinking water. The AWS technology has commercial and industrial applications. ...MORE


Corrline International

$2.2 Trillion Dollars are Spent Annually on Corrosion Issues, Yet the Industry Pays Little Attention to the Reasons Why

These numbers are even more appalling when you consider that these stated costs cover only the essentials like materials, equipment, and services involved in repair, maintenance, and replacement. Environmental damage, wasted resources, loss of production, and personal injury resulting from corrosion can add another 30% to these projections....MORE