Outsourced Technology and Procurement Services
Outsourced Technology and Procurement Services


Companies built on innovation drive bottom-line performance and deliver a competitive advantage that differentiates them in the marketplace both to their customers and their suppliers. The right technology provides the necessary support to empower a company’s leaders to contribute the passion and vision necessary to identify, innovate, and transform operations to maximize value and performance.

Tagos’ Outsourced Technology and Procurement Services team delivers a combination of deep technical knowledge and broad industry vision to help you build client-facing technology solutions. Tagos understands the value of utilizing information technology to support key areas of operations. Our highly qualified and dedicated team delivers value-added solutions to our customers in both the public and private sectors, drawing on more than 25 years of experience working predominately in the energy and manufacturing industries.

Our Outsourced Technology and Procurement Services practice has strong focuses in the areas of Material Management and Material Visibility, Advanced Tracking/Track and Trace, Item Master Data Management and eProcurement/eCommerce services and solutions. Our services span from strategy develoment through execution and implementation.

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Key Client-Facing Technology Services and Solutions 

Tagos’ Outsourced Technology and Procurement Services teams are tightly integrated with Tagos’ Supply Chain Operational Excellence and Managed Services teams. Tagos is impartial to specific technology solutions, but has partnerships with best-practice companies in many of the focus areas.