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Our International Business group consists of a team of experienced professionals with a history of providing value-added solutions to leaders in the public and private sector in emerging nations around the world. We focus on business solutions that have an immediate and positive impact on local community development. We work with our alliance partners to develop solutions in our key areas of specialization, including Financial Advisory Services, Affordable Housing, Agribusiness and Capacity Building.

Financial Advisory Services
Affordable Housing
Capacity Building


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Financial Advisory Services

Tagos’ Financial Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to link African/Middle East investment opportunities between local and international partners. Our team brings decades of proven Wall-Street and industry wide experience in investment banking, project/corporate management, capital raising and structuring, mergers/acquisition and valuation services, and risk management practices.

Our fully integrated financial advisory services practice provides a highly focused advisory and financing expertise to corporate and private equity clients with primary area of sector focus in infrastructure development; power and energy; mass-housing construction; and, agribusiness. Our advisory and financing services are focused on corporate and project finance transactions, and entail the following services:

  • Valuation and M&A services with detailed, independent due diligence analysis;
  • Capital raising for transactions involving commercial banks, Development Finance Institutions, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and endowments, and/or private placement debt/equity investors; and,
  • Advisory work in structuring highly complex project finance transactions which require financial modeling, debt/equity/and equity-linked structuring, negotiation and execution for various offtake, development, and EPC contracts, coordination of 3rd party independent consultants, and preparation of financing marketing materials.
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Affordable Housing

As the global population increases, affordable housing is quickly becoming a significant concern and a key impediment to the growth of a middle class in many emerging nations. We have formed a joint venture with Wall Ties and Forms, Inc, (WTF), to provide public and private sector clients across Africa with a unique solution to the demand for single and multifamily housing units. The concrete - based housing technology that we provide has been used in over 50 countries. Our housing solution has been used in the construction of over 50,000 homes in Africa and over 100,000 homes worldwide. Our housing solution is affordable, rapidly deployable, meets “Best in Class” energy efficiency standards, and is designed in accordance with local customs and cultures.

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We partner with leading U.S. corporations, academic and research institutions, federal programs, and global clients to develop customized agribusiness solutions based on our “farm to fork” concept. Our program addresses the following core areas: Research and Development, Crop Development, Livestock Growth and Management, Fish Farming, Food Processing, Quality, Safety, and Packaging Solutions.

In addition to our core strategic alliances, we have established additional alliances with the following groups in order to provide our customers with the best possible services:

  • The world's leading cattle genetics marketing organization, representing the majority of the U.S. Artificial Insemination Cooperatives.
  • A global software and services company that provides compliance software solutions for various international standards and applications, including quality management, food quality, occupational health and safety, import and export regulations, and labor law.
  • A global leader in food processing with expertise in dairy products, private label product development, and distribution to grocery chains and wholesalers.
  • A national acclaimed state university.
    A leading fish-farming service provider.
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Capacity Building

Capacity building is about investment in human and natural resources, the promotion of learning across communities, and the focus on personal and economic growth. Our strategic alliance with Aurecon, a global firm with over 6,000 staff dedicated to engineering, management, and technical services in 80 offices worldwide, has expanded our ability to meet the infrastructure demands of our clients in emerging nations.

We are currently in discussions with specific companies to form strategic alliances in the following areas:

  • Human Capital Training & Development
  • Energy and Electrical Power Generation
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Foreign Investments and Partnerships

Supporting Sustainability in Africa:

We provide a business solution that empowers the local community through training, business education, and the transfer of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to offer the local population the opportunity to assume personal responsibility for the growth of their local economy and participate in the efforts to make their country a competitive economic force in the global market.

Our clients are the decision-makers in the public and private sectors in emerging nations across the continent of Africa. We work with governments and companies in the private sector in Africa to provide value. Our aim is to develop solutions that fulfill the P.A.S.S. criteria: PROVEN, AFFORDABLE, SCALABLE, & SUSTAINABLE.

We are actively pursuing select opportunities throughout Africa.

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